Help for Export

Online catalogue (IPAC) help.

It is a special function designated for librarians.

You can export all records in the basket, or one record individually using the function in tool Bookmark. Value "Number of records" consists of records number in the basket (if you use the function as operation from the page Basket), or title of exported document (if you use the function from Bookmark of record).

It is possible to choose a character set and format of the record export.

form for Export

Types of formats

Formats listed below are especially used for data (or records) exchange among information systems. They are not designated for e.g. the creation of the documents list or for printing.

One line in this format represents one field of the exchange format MARC. It is a specialized format used by librarians that allows to save information about the document in the machine readable form regardless the language, software etc. Required characters are used for labelling fields, the start and end of the record.
Specialized format that presents data from a MARC format as a string with required marks for fields, subfield and records.
It is a MARC format presentation in XML structure every record element (fields and subfields) is transformed to an XML element.

The file with exported records will be possible to save.

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